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Home of the CyclePump Tire Inflator
CyclePump EXPEDITION Inflator

The CyclePump has a reputation for reliability and performance around the world. 
This photo was taken at Khardungla Pass, India, elevation 18,300 feet. 
Rider Dan Galliher has a bit of fun with his CyclePump, hoping for a bit more oxygen.
Rider Shawn Edmondson filled a flat tire at that same pass with his CyclePump.


New Product !!!

Cycle Wipes Anti-Fog
Powered By Frog Spit

Forget about fogged face shields, goggles, or glasses!
Treat them with Frog Spit and the fog disappears

Nemo Chain Oiler ON SALE NOW!

If you've got a chain-driven bike then you need to lube the chain and sprockets on a regular basis. The Nemo Chain Oiler is an on-board-on-demand system that lubes as you ride. Easy to install, watch the video.

New Product !!!

BestRest BeadSpreader

Got tubed tires?  Got rim locks?  Installation is a real hassle because there's no room to work inside the tire.  The BeadSpreader opens up the tire so you have plenty of room to work inside.


Lifetime Warranty  CyclePump Tire Inflator
I Love Air - The CyclePump Story
Watch This YouTube Video

Tire Repair & Tire Changes - A Woman's Experience
YouTube Video

Planning Your 2016 Ride Schedule
CLICK HERE for an article that'll help you 



Iceland Video
YouTube Channel

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NEW Products

 Cyclops LED Headlight Kits MotoZipp Ties
Turn night into day Heavy Duty Zip Ties
 MotoMudd  MotoSiphon
Get the look of an off-road rider Fuel Siphon Kit 
Moto Pockets  Velocity Chain Tool 
 Cordura storage pouches for your bike  Chain cleaning and Maintenance

BestRest's YouTube Channel 
Short clips worth watching
Click Here to View




    EZAir Tire Gauges                        CyclePump & EZAir Gauge
Combo Kits
                     Available with a straight or 90° chuck            Save shipping when you order a pump and gauge at the same time

MicroStart Lithium Battery Packs  Motorcycle Recovery System
 Jump start a bike, charge phone or laptop, run a CPAP when camping  Tow a bike, recover a fallen bike
Tire Changing Mat

Right Angle Retrofit Kit

 A 3'x3' Cordura work mat  Available on the CyclePump and EZAir

Change your tires at home or on the road


TireIron BeadBrakR  

Universal Tire Repair Kit

Hard Parts for BMW, BackRest, CargoRests

Repairs tubed and tubeless tires, vulcanizing strings and patches

Adventure gear for the F8GS, R12GS, and other bikes

 90 Degree Clip-On Chuck

 Velocity Chain Maintenance Kit

Fits between spokes and rotors

Cleans and lubes the chain

  Gotcha Velcro Straps

  Ortlieb Bags & Duffels

2" wide hook-and-loop straps

 Waterproof duffels AND backpack



StuffBoxxes & Storage Tubes 

     FuzeBlock Panels

Packing solutions for your saddlebags

Wire your onboard accessories




 Joey Camp Chairs  SleepRite Camp Cot
Comfortable, compact, lightweight

Get a good night's sleep when camping
 Tire Changing and Repair DVD  How To Ride Off-Road
 A FREE Book
 Learn the tricks of the tire changing trade Download this FREE 120-page book 
 NorthWest Passage Adventure Route  NorthWest Passage Adventure Kits
An off-road journey across WA-ID-MT 
Watch the video, download the maps and GPS tracks
 Bundled adventure kits that save you money


Get motorcycle-related podcasts on your computer or cell phone.
We listen to Adventure Rider Radio
It's FREE, it's interesting, and it's entertaining. 

October '15 Adventure Rider Radio interviewed Mr. BestRest on the topic of
Tire Repair and Tire Changing.  

July '15 Adventure Rider Radio interviewed David Petersen (Mr. BestRest). 
Click the Play button (below) to listen to that podcast.

Want to learn more about the world of adventure motorcycling?  
Check out this magazine:

 A Note From David Petersen (Mr. BestRest): 

It's my goal to offer the BEST adventure motorcycle gear to my customers, my friends, and my fellow riders.  That's why I personally test every product. If it doesn't pass the Mr. BestRest Personal Test then you won't see it on the website. 

BestRest Products, LLC offers adventure accessories for BMW and other motorcycles. Our product line is the result of years of research and development. We're a small group of dedicated riders who've ridden thousands of miles testing and improving our products. We design and manufacture many of the products found on these pages. Those we don't make ourselves, we carefully test in the field to make sure they meet our high standards of reliability and performance. This way we can guarantee you're getting the BEST gear available.

Thank you for your business and continued support.  We hope to see you on the road. 

Ride Safe,
David Petersen

BestRest Products LLC
6710 220th St SW #2
Mountlake Terrace WA  98043 

We're 15 miles north of Seattle.  From I-5 take exit 179 (220th St).
From I-5 go west toward Puget Sound.
Travel about 1/2 mile, start down a long hill.  
We're halfway down the hill on the south side of 220th St SW.

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Store Hours - We keep ODD hours, we like it that way.
Monday - Wednesday 8:30A - 3:00P Pacific 
We may be open on Thursdays (8:30-3:00)
We're probably closed on Fridays - gone ridin' 

We cut back on store hours because we're trying to have a life, work less, ride more, smell the rubber and the roses...

The best way to place an order is to do it online.

If you call us you may get our answering machine.  It'll take us a few days to get back to you.  The best way to contact us is by email - we can usually get back to you within 24 hours.    
info (at) bestrestproducts.com 


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