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CyclePump® Tire Inflator

It comes with a 5-year Warranty!

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Plainly stated, there is no better motorcycle tire inflator available anywhere, at any price.  For over 10 years the CyclePump has held the reputation for being the best on the street or on the trail.  That legacy continues.  Our 5-year warranty confirms those facts.

The CyclePump provides you with an EASY way to fill a flat tire or adjust tire pressure on the road, without resorting to inefficient CO2 cartridges, a frustratingly slow hand pump, or an imported tire inflator of questionable quality. 

If you're looking for a cheap tire inflator then you'll want to shop somewhere else.  We can't help you.  There's plenty of inflators on the market for riders who value a lower purchase price, over the virtues of quality and reliability.  Good luck, we'll see you on the trail.

At BestRest we don't sell the cheapest tire inflator, we sell the BEST.  When you invest in a CyclePump you're getting the BEST motorcycle tire inflator on the market.  Period.  End of discussion.  You'll pay more, but you'll get more.

Shawn Thomas of RawHyde Adventures used his CyclePump while leading a tour through the Andes Mountains in Argentina.  They were shadowing the riders of the Dakar Rally.  At 16,500 feet the group's chase truck got a flat tire and the spare wasn't available.  Shawn made repairs using our Universal Tire Repair Kit, then he used his personal CyclePump to fill the truck tire.  The group was back on the road in minutes.  (Try doing that with a cheap imported inflator - heck, try breathing at 16,500 ft !!!)  

One customer wrote this:  "I own a CyclePump that I used an average of once a week.  I own a lot of high quality motorcycle tools and equipment.  For quality, reliability, suitability to the task, and for general all-around function, this tool is perfect... The CyclePump beats everything else to a pulp."  - J Malin 08/11

The CyclePump is the Gold Standard, against which all other motorcycle inflators are measured.  As we said above, if you want a CHEAP tire inflator, shop elsewhere.  If you want the BEST tire inflator, spend a few minutes and read more.

Update October 10 2013.  We now offer a 5-Year Warranty on the CyclePump.  No, this isn't a typo error... If your CyclePump stops working in the next 5 years, we'll fix it.  Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials.  Sorry, it doesn't cover operator error, dirt inside the case, or other abuse.

Why did we change our Warranty? 
1. We're confident that the CyclePump will keep working that long. We've been building them for over a decade. We've built over 20,000 of them right here in our shop near Seattle. We know how long they last. 
2. You pay more for a CyclePump, so you get more. A lot more. Your investment will pay dividends. For the next 5 years your investment will be covered.  We've got your back.
3. We wanted to break free from the mob of imported tire inflators that have recently flooded the market. Those other inflators are nothing more than cheap imitations of the CyclePump. Buyer beware. You get what you pay for.  Pay little, get little.  Pay more, get more.

The CyclePump uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor and a high quality metal compressor assembly that's been specially engineered for motorcycle applications. To run the CyclePump simply connect it to any 12 volt power source (like your bike's electrical accessory socket or the terminals of your battery).  Attach the air hose to the tire, flip the switch, and begin filling your tire. Inflation time is typically less than 3 minutes for a front tire; less than 5 minutes for a rear tire.

The CyclePump is proudly made in the USA.  The case is precision crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloys.  We don't use fragile plastic components that will break when you drop it on the ground. The switch and internal components are armored and "ruggedized" so the unit is virtually indestructible. The CyclePump is truly ready for an around-the-world expedition, which is why it's the inflator of choice for serious riders.

We don't cannibalize some other manufacturer's inflator, put on some partial protective shrouds, and call things good.  Instead we start from scratch with components we manufacture ourselves, or those we obtain from trusted domestic suppliers.  With a CyclePump you won't have to worry about getting burned fingers or worry about exposed gears taking a bite out of your hand.  You can't say that about other (cheaper) inflators.

How tough is the CyclePump?  In '07 at the request of British troops serving in Iraq, we sent some CyclePumps and EZAir tire gauges.  They needed a compact, rugged, and reliable method of tire inflation for the tires on their scout vehicles.  They were kind enough to send us this photo of the CyclePump in action. 

Gabe Bolton (UK) wrote this in April '10 about the CyclePump:  

I've spent the last year riding a dirt bike around the world.  Those experiences qualify me to share my thoughts about the BestRest CyclePump.

On my journey I suffered countless flat tires. I stopped keeping track of them after the 30th puncture, and that was 6 months ago. One day I had 9 flat tires so I was using the CyclePump practically all day long.

The CyclePump has been one of the best and most reliable pieces of equipment I chose for this trip.  I used it HUNDREDS of time on this trip to get me, my travel companions, and other strangers back on the road. For that reason I would recommend it (without hesitation) to anyone embarking on a similar adventure. 

There are cheaper alternatives, but when I was riding solo across Mongolia and Siberia I placed greater value on reliability than I did on purchase price.  I chose wisely.  There are few products I have such high praise for... Thank You, BestRest!

You can see photos of Gabe's adventures by clicking here.   If you're in the UK you can order a CyclePump from his new motorcycle accessory business: Zen Overland.

Your adventures might not take you 'round-the-world, but don't you want equipment that's built to a standard that would?  Don't settle for something less.  Don't be lured by a cheap inflator that will fail you when you need it most.  Invest in quality.  Invest in reliability.  Invest in longevity.

Tire inflation time varies by tire size, air density, voltage, laden or unladen tire load, and other factors. As a practical guide the CyclePump will fill a front tire in 2-3 minutes and a rear tire in 3-5 minutes. Topping off a few extra pounds takes less than a minute. Just how powerful is it? Don't worry, it'll fill your tires quickly because it's rated to pressures over 100 PSI.  It'll also seat a bead on a tubeless tire, once the initial airtight seal is achieved.  (Check our BeadSetR for a surefire bead seating tool) 

Technical specs: The aluminum case is less than 2" high x 4" wide x 6" long. With all the wires and power connectors and hose the storage pouch dimensions are 2 x 6 x 9". Weight is 34 ounces. Power draw is approximately 10 amps. Air hose is 18" long.  Power cord is 8-feet long.  The power plugs fit BMW, cigarette, and 2-prong SAE connectors.  Battery alligator clips attach to any 12 volt battery.  You can order an optional 8-foot AutoCord for automotive applications.


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  CyclePump                         EZAir Gauge              CyclePump & Gauge


 European customers can now purchase the CyclePump and EZAir Gauge from our UK distributors, Metal Mule or Sportouring Bike Accy or Zen Overland

 Australian customers can now purchase the CyclePump and EZAir Gauge from our AU distributor, Adventure Moto.


In 2002 we created our first Basic CyclePump. Since then we've built over 20,000 of them, one at a time, carefully, by hand.  Each one is bench tested before it leaves our shop.

The current model ADVENTURE CyclePump has four powering options:
1 and 2. A universal power plug that fits both BMW and automotive cigarette lighter outlets,
3. An SAE connector that fits the pigtail for your battery chargers or electric vest,
4. And finally there's a set of fused battery clips that you can hook up to any 12V battery.

The air hose is 18" long, the power cord is 8-ft long, and you can order an optional 8-ft AutoCord power extension for automotive applications. All components easily fit in the red Cordura storage pouch.

Motorcycle Consumer News compared the CyclePump against three other brands of motorcycle tire inflators while filling a rear tire on a Buell Ulysses. MCN wrote, "In testing, the CyclePump performed the best, putting out 30 psi after three minutes and 44 psi after five minutes." These inflation ratings are 18-36% higher than the challengers... further proof that the CyclePump's design, reliability and durability really do make the difference. You want the best performance when it's time to inflate your tires, not the lowest price.  Like we said above, if you're looking for the cheapest inflator, look elsewhere.


The CyclePump has also been reviewed and given a "two thumbs up" seal of approval by many other magazine editors.  The most recent was at 4WheelDrive and Sport Utility Magazine and also here.  They wrote, "Seldom do we find products that work this well and are such high quality."

Click here to learn more reasons why you should choose the CyclePump over brand of tire inflator.

The CyclePump has been on expeditions to 6 continents. Kevin and Julia Sanders of GlobeBusters use it, they're people that hold the Guinness World Record for Fastest Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle, and Fastest Trans Americas by Motorcycle (top of North America to the bottom of South America). Here's a photo of Kevin in Tierra del Fuego. That's a CyclePump sticker on the gas tank.


The CyclePump has also been carried by many other motorcycle touring and adventure authorities, including Helge Pederson of GlobeRiders® fame, Ron Ayres of Ayres Adventures, Glen Heggstad the Striking Viking, and many others. They've all used the CyclePump when they led their expeditions or when they were traveling alone across the uncharted corners of the world.


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  CyclePump                         EZAir Gauge              CyclePump & Gauge



Ever heard of the Iron Butt Rally®? It's the premier motorcycle endurance rally held once every two years, covering 11,000 miles in 11 days. Mike Kneebone, President of the Iron Butt Association® said this, "The CyclePump is a must-carry item whether you are riding across town or around the world. I won't leave home without mine."  High praise from someone who knows.


Here's a report that's a little closer to home:



"I was on my DR650 and was 30 miles east of Deming, New Mexico on I-10 when my rear tire went flat. It was 12 noon and about 105 degrees and there was no shade to be had. I only had about 8 ounces of water in my bottle. Nobody stopped to help so I unpacked my tire irons and CyclePump. I replaced the tube and remounted the tire. Thank goodness the CyclePump quickly set the beads and pumped it up to 35 psi. I made it to a nearby Border Control station where I was able to get more water. If your pump hadn't have worked I'd have likely had heat stroke. Thanks for making a great product."

- Brian Redman - Katy,Texas




Why did these riders select the CyclePump, instead of another inflator? Plainly stated, IT WORKS. 



What about using CO2 cartridges to fill your tires?  Better think twice about that concept.  You'll spend $38-$75 to fill one tire, one time to highway pressure.  Then you'll need to buy more cartridges. 

Wouldn't you rather spend a few dollars more and invest in a CyclePump that'll reliably fill your tires, to safe highway pressures, and do it hundreds of times at no additional cost?

16-gram cartridges                                        45-gram cartridges

We did some testing with 16-gram CO2 cartridges to see how they'd inflate a tire.  The tire was off the rear of a BMW R1200GS, a Continental TKC 80, size 150/70-17.  When evaluating these charts and the number of cartridges you need, you should really have more cartridges than indicated, in case one or more of them leaks when filling the tire (a common occurrence).  These charts were developed under ideal testing conditions; your field experiences probably won't go that smoothly.

16 gram


Cost to inflate to
indicated pressure










 Costs based on kit pricing. Refills only available in 3-paks.

We tested the same tire again, this time using 45-gram cartridges.  Here's what we found:


45 gram


 Cost to inflate
to indicated pressure










 Costs based on kit prices. Refills only available in pairs. 
Ya' can't buy 3, we had to buy 4

For a full report on CO2 tire inflation click here, then scroll down to the middle of that page.


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  CyclePump                         EZAir Gauge              CyclePump & Gauge



     CyclePump 5-Year Warranty

     CyclePump Adventure Tire Inflator

     CyclePump Adventure Combo w/Gauge

     CyclePump Accessories

90 Degree Valve Stem Extension
90 Degree Valve Stem Extension
Price: $9.00 
Alligator Clips
Alligator Clips
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Price: $20.00 
BestRest DVD Tire Changes and Repairs
BestRest DVD Tire Changes and Repairs
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CyclePump 5-Year Warranty
CyclePump 5-Year Warranty
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EZ Air Gauge
EZ Air Gauge
Price: $25.00 
Air Chuck
New Style Air Chuck
Price: $10.00 
Replacement Red Pouch
Replacement Red Pouch
Price: $7.00 
Price: $4.00 
Universal Power Plug w/12 cord & SAE Plug
Universal Power Plug w/12 cord & SAE Plug
Price: $15.00 
Universal Tire Repair Kit
Universal Tire Repair Kit
Price: $35.00 
Valve Cores (pair of 2)
Valve Cores (pair of 2)
Price: $3.00