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Wolfman Luggage is made in Longmont, Colorado by fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.  Their gear has a proven record of performance, ruggedness, and reliability which is why we sell it. 

BestRest doesn't show every product made by Wolfman.  If you see something you like on the Wolfman website, we can get it for you via special order.  Call or email.  BestRest works closely with Wolfman so together as a Team we can provide you with their excellent gear and a timely delivery of your order.

Wolfman gear is usually DROP SHIPPED to your address via Fedex Ground.  Allow at least 7-10 days for delivery.  If you require expedited shipping please contact us by phone.  Additional charges may apply.  If your order contains items in addition to Wolfman gear, you'll receive 2 packages.  For international orders all Wolfman products are shipped to BestRest, for forwarding to your international address.

Note:  For ease of viewing some of the Wolfman products and the available accessories, we've embedded a few hot links that might take you directly to the Wolfman website.  Make sure you navigate back onto the BestRest website so that you can add items to your cart and place your order.

Expedition Duffels
Expedition Duffels
Regular Price: $117.00
 On Sale For: $80.00