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The HelmetLok is carabiner with a twist...it LOCKS.  It secures your helmet (or other valuable gear) and gives you peace of mind when you're away from the bike. Unlike a typical carabiner where the latch the opens inward and restricts the size of the opening, the HelmetLok latch opens OUTWARD.  This allows it to fit around handlebars, frame tubes, or other parts of your motorcycle measuring up to 1-1/2" diameter. 

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The latching lever contains a programmable 4-pin combination lock which you can change anytime. 

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To secure your helmet, slip the HelmetLok around your bars, hook your helmet d-rings thru the caribiner, close the latch and spin the combo dial.  Your helmet is safe and secure. 


HelmetLok eliminates the need to mount a permanent helmet lock or keep track of another key. If there's a place to hook the carabiner, there's always a place to lock your helmet.  At BestRest we REALLY like gear that serves multiple purposes.  HelmetLok performs these tasks:

  • Locks your helmet to the motorcycle
  • Serves as a belt hook for keys or other gear
  • Serves as a general purpose camping carabiner
  • Secures loads to your bike when used with tie downs
  • Secures jackets and other gear when used with a cable
  • Other uses, limited only by your imagination


Crafted from metal alloys with a either a black gloss or chrome finish, the HelmetLok is strong enough to deter theft, but small enough to fit in your pocket. Weighs only 2.1 ounces, length 3.5".

HelmetLok is not suitable for use as a weight-bearing device or for applications where life or safety is at risk.  Patented in Australia and worldwide.

HelmetLok New Style
HelmetLok New Style
HelmetLok allows you to secure your helmet to practically any spot on your motorcycle, including handlebars, frame tubes, turn signals, etc. as large as 1-1/2" diameter.

The latch opens OUTWARD for easy attachment.  The 4-pin lock can be programmed to your own unique combination.  All metal construction with a black gloss finish.  Also useful as a key fob, general purpose carabiner, camp tool, and many other applications.

NEW VERSION - black finish with rubber armor, chrome lock assembly, 4-pin tumber, maximum frame tube size 1-1/2"


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