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Engine Skid Plate Mark 4

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Engine Skid Plate Mark 4 

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If you ride your GS off road (or even over a parking lot curb), the underside of your engine will eventually make contact with something hard, and a micro-second after that your stock skid plate will be torn away. BMW recognized this flaw in their mounting system, so in 2006 they redesigned a portion of their mounts. But the problem remains - just ask your local BMW dealer how many replacement R12GS rubber skid plate mounts and plates they've sold.


We came up with a solution to this problem (and a host of others) when we designed our Heavy Duty Engine SkidPlate (Mark 4). It provides maximum protection for the underside of your engine. It also protects your cross-over exhaust header, as well as the fragile and exposed O2 sensors, and the rear exhaust collector.


We're always seeking ways to improve our products. This is the 4th generation SkidPlate we've designed for the GS. We're always willing to make design changes if we can find a better way to build a product, or if we can increase protection or improve performance.


Building on the lessons learned from earlier versions, this new Mark 4 SkidPlate has a stainless mounting bracket that fits securely to the engine block with a 10mm bolt. Four super heavy duty rubber shock absorbing bumpers distribute kinetic impact forces evenly. Field testing has proven this ESP-HD4 will take a heavy hit from a hard obstacle without damaging the SkidPlate or the motorcycle.  Want proof?  Click this link to see photos of a Customer's SkidPlate after a hard hit on the trail.  


The ESP-HD4 will fit on the Standard R12GS, the Adventure, and the HP2 2008-2012.  NOT FOR 2013+


Stainless mounting screws are recessed and counter-sunk flush with the surface so there's nothing to snag when you skid across a log or bump over a rock. The laser-cut, precision formed design allows plenty of air flow to keep your engine cool.


The ESP-HD4 is designed to compliment the BestRest centerstand SkidPlate and SplashGuard. With all 3 components in place you'll have complete underside protection.


Note: Our goal is always to provide our customers with the best quality gear, even if it costs a bit more. We think quality and performance is more important than low price, which is the main reason we ride a BMW. You can probably find a cheaper skid plate from another manufacturer, but you won't find one that protects and performs like this new ESP-HD4.


Customers who already have one of our R12GS SkidPlates can upgrade their earlier version with the new Mark 4 parts. Click here for the Mounting Kit Upgrade


Special thanks to one of our dealers, Pete McLaughlin from BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County (CA). Pete encountered a rather large rock with the bottom of his GS. His clever ideas about how we could improve our SkidPlate, led to the new mounting system for the ESP-HD Mark 4.


Compatibility Note: The ESP-HD is compatible with arched tubular center stands AND the new H-style square centerstand. It is also compatible with all known variations of R1200GS, including the HP-2 and the Adventure.

 Australian customers can now purchase engine skidplate from our AU distributor, Adventure Moto.

Regular Price: $200.00
 On Sale For: $120.00 


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