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F800GS-BestRest LightBar

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F800GS-BestRest LightBar F800GS-LB

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F800GS LightBar  2008-2012  (not for 2013)
Also fits F650GS (twin)

Stock headlights never seem to give you enough light. That's true when riding at night, and doubly-true when you want daytime conspicuity. That's why most riders mount some sort of auxiliary lighting system, as a supplement to their factory lights. 

The problem with the F800GS is space... there's not much room up front so there's simply no place to mount a pair of extra lights. Well, there wasn't until now. 

The F800GS LightBar allows you to mount any variety of auxiliary lights. It fits between between the upper cowling and the front fender. Simply remove the 4 screws holding the front fender in place, slip the LightBar into place, and reinstall the fender. It's that quick and easy.  

The LightBar can be reversed so the round mounting tabs at the ends of the bar are positioned above or below the body of the bar. This allows you to tailor the LightBar to meet the requirements of your selected lighting system.

The two horizontal Extenders shown in the photo must be ordered separately.

The LightBar is constructed from 12-gauge steel. It has a satin black powdercoated finish that closely matches the black frame of the motorcycle, so it looks like an OEM product. 

The preferred mounting setup is with the light's bolting points out-to-the-side, but you can also mount lights that have a vertical bolt. Order a pair of Extenders separately (shown above). They can be bolted to the round tabs at the ends of the bar, so you can project a 4" horizontal shelf as a mounting platform.

The LightBar is a PERFECT fit with our new Trail Tech HID lights.

We recommend limiting the size of your lights to about 4" diameter. IPF S6313, S6314, and Rev1 systems fit nicely, shown below. Larger sizes can be fitted, but because of the sleek lines of the F800, those big lights may look a bit out of place. 

For more photos showing the F800GS LightBar and other lighting systems, click here.

Also fits F650GS (twin)

 Australian customers can now purchase the LightBar from our AU distributor, Adventure Moto.

Price: $100.00 


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